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The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 11, 2020


Today’s blog is all about LOVE. For me/us to experience and express love. That we have unlimited POSSIBILITIES to express our love. The QUEEN OF AIR reminds me that if my intent purpose, my understanding is to Love, then My intention should be in alignment with my understanding. In other words I/we need to stop being drawn into that which is not love. Politics and riots are not love. My rejoicing with each new moment of life is love. My prayers for everyone in the world to choose love over hate and war, is the expression of my love. My essay below is about this.



The Elements Tarot: 

LOVE: Heart chakra. Expression and experience of love. Bhakti. Devotion. 

REVERSED: Serving as a vehicle for good higher beings. Connection with the presence of a master, guru or teacher.

Osho Zen Tarot: 


Don’t be content easily. Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need! This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential.

“This card indicates that you are at a point where the world of possibilities is open to you. Because you have grown more loving toward yourself, more self-contained, you can work easily with others. Because you are relaxed and at ease, you can recognize possibilities as they present themselves, sometime even before others can see them. Because you are in tune with your own nature, you can understand that existence is providing you with exactly what you need. Enjoy the flight! And celebrate all the varied wonders of the landscape spread before you.”

The Good Tarot:

QUEEN OF AIR – Setting healthy boundaries, strong self-esteem, calculated and shrewd decision, clear communication, well organized, a wordsmith.

“I have clarity of purpose. My intention are in alignment with my understanding. There is always strategy in the game called Life. Can I let go of false truths and be rigorously honest with myself and others?”




Self Love is the healing grace of humanity. The lack of Self Love is the basis for so much unhappiness and dis-ease in the world today.  

Of course, the world out there can be a very confusing place: governments are often corrupt, paid-off politicians will take away your rights of personal freedom, friends and neighbors, people whom you trust can turn against you, can falsely accuse you, or become psychopathic, control freaks, messed up individuals in disguise. Beautiful appearing fantasies, a potential lover, can turn out to be even more screwed up than you would ever imagine, with an even tougher protection shield, which all your love will never be able to penetrate. Bosses and co-workers can turn into total assholes, and even your birth family will often abandon you, or treat you like shit, not recognizing who your really are. Life can be a continuing journey of disappointment and abandonment; a constant high and low, a successful, then heartbreaking, search for love and acceptance.

In all of this, the prevailing non-truth word is “victim.”

All “that” out there only effects our emotions because as a victim of the next unknown, we allow it to effect us emotionally. In awareness the truth is revealed: all ‘that’ out there is not our emotions. They are external factors bombarding us, penetrating through our “not self” masks, exposing all that “is not love,” “is not me or you stuff,” but only fodder for our consideration.

On the other end, when we are strong and stable in our Self Love, many or all of these emotional traps no longer come up for consideration. In our personal power we can say, “That is not mine.” And then dismiss it. This is not a statement of denial. The truth is, it really isn’t mine. Or yours.

Beginning in the early 1980’s I became the student and friend of a very powerful Druid Priestess. She was an amazing psychic, astrologer and Tarot reader, with a brilliant mind. She also weighed around 250 pounds. As an empath she was taking on her clients stuff. One freezing Alaska night, stuck like a whale in bed with all her fat, in her little trailer in my back yard, she decided to die. This was when she realized that most of her 300 pounds of fat wasn’t hers. She got up the next morning with a new mantra, “It’s not mine.” As the months and years went on, whenever I had an issue she would say, “It’s not mine, I’ve given you the tools to deal with it, so deal with it yourself.” That year, it seemed like over-night, miraculously, she lost 150 pounds, and kept it off for the next 35 years until she died, always reciting her mantra, “It’s not mine,” when any drama was presented to her. At the same time, her love for me and people who came to see her never wavered. She loved herself, and demanded that you love yourself too. 

Once we become firm in the truth that “love is all there is;” that anything that is not love, is not real, is not ours, that it is an illusion, maybe a test, and yet still an illusion, then we will be free to truly be who we really are.

We are love. Love is all there is. That’s it.

Let us proceed with this in mind.  

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