Love – raku original


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 12, 2020


I was tired today. It is as though I am BREAKING THROUGH to another level of consciousness/understanding, though it feels a bit like death. The old dying before the new can be born. In between my naps I finished the first ten chapters of my new Two Crows book, and that is for sure about the Leader accepting responsibility – for me to just Do It! Like these Blogs, I’m not so sure anyone will read my stories, and it is certainly a challenge to proceed in the the face of nothingness. The new of the building civil war in the USA bothers me, but like the Three of Air says, and I hope, this too shall pass.



The Elements Tarot: 

THE LEADER: Pursuing an objective which influences others and brings them under your direction. Accepting responsibility. 

REVERSED: The psychic influence of your mind and thoughts on others. Your influence on the one mind. Also your reflection in those around you. 

Osho Zen Tarot:  BREAKTHROUGH (Justice) – 

To transform breakdowns into breakthroughs is the whole function of a master. They psychotherapist simply patches you up. That is his function. He is not there to transform you. You need a metapsychology, the psychology of the buddhas. The dawn is not far away, but before you can reach the dawn, the dark night has tore passed through. And as the dawn comes closer, the night will become darker.

“If you are now feeling that ‘enough is enough,’ allow yourself to take the risk of shattering the old patterns and limitations that have kept your energy from flowing. In doing so you will be amazed at the vitality and empowerment this Breakthrough can bring to your life.”

The Good Tarot:

THREE OF AIR: Silver linings, natural departures.

“What is truly mine can never be withheld from me. Rejection is Spirit’s protection. It is in my best interest to let go, and allow for something better to take its place. It is my highest good to see the truth regardless of my temporary discomfort. This too shall pass.”





I am the consummate peace warrior.

Sword held high I will not step back

Or waiver as I face all challenges,

Real or imagined.

I am fearless and uncommonly strong.

Arrows of confusion and doubt fly around me.

I dodge them with a skill honed

From a lifetime of less important battles.

The sword of pain and separation has pierced my side,

Strengthening my patience and resolve.

I recover quickly and stand even stronger

Before My Beloved

I have chosen for her to receive

My ceaseless love and devotion.

It is for her that I bow down,

Moving lotus petals to kiss her feet.

She is my Mother, my goddess;

My love, my lover, my beloved.

As she removes all of her doubts and fears

And openly commits to and embraces her Man,

The man who has fought so hard and

Waited so patiently for the moment,

I will give to her all of who I am.

I, in my strength and power,

Will joyously join with her,

Aligned with God in purpose,

As we illuminate the world in which we walk,

Hand in hand dispensing the rose petals

Of our combined love,

Sweetness, Truth, Goodness and Compassion.

It is for her that I surrender and give my life.

David Dakan Allison

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