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The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 13, 2020


In this reading I was surprised to see The LOVER in reverse pop up, since I’m pretty much terminally single. But it had to do with balancing the polar opposites within myself. And with SHARING; to be Aware during these times. Not to fall for any directional pull. This is why I do my readings daily – to remind myself of why I’m living on this planet at this time. MESSENGER OF FIRE reminds me to trust my vision; to trust my Knowingness of who I am. I’m a Way Shower, who doesn’t really need an audience, not even a love mate. I do Inter-planes work; an unseen working with the unseens. Thus my dedication to inspirational writing. Maybe you’re here to help people in other ways. That’s for you to figure out. Those people enrolled in Antifa and BLM haven’t figured out their life mission; they’re being sheep, pulled in a conflicted direction. We can be the inspiration to a greater way of being – not to be distracted from doing our life work.



The Elements Tarot: 

THE LOVER: Vitality, health, exuberant energy. Depth of feeling and sensuality, 

REVERSED: Spiritual union with a mate, tantra. Uniting of opposites. Coalescence of yin and yang.

Osho Zen Tarot: 

Queen of Fire – SHARING:

“There is no need to go anywhere or make any special effort. You find you can enjoy sensuality without possessiveness or attachment, can give birth to a child or to a new project with an equal sense of creativity fulfilled. Everything around you seems to be ‘coming ‘together’ now. Enjoy it, ground yourself in it, and let the abundance in you and around you overflow.”

The Good Tarot:


“I have an unstoppable Spirit and can co-create all that I desire.”

“Surrounded by Spirit, illuminated by the wisdom that rises up within me, I set forth on a path to innovate.”

“I trust in my vision and act accordingly, remaining true to what I most value and desire, which can manifest in many forms.”

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