Japanese Woman – fired clay and painted by Dakan


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 15, 2020


This reading today is what I strive to be all about. PRESENCE. Being Grounded. Clear Minded. Being in the moment and always being connected to my spiritual self. That’s not so hard to do. My phone disappeared. I spent so much energy trying to think where I had left or lost it. I didn’t go anywhere and remember seeing it in one particular place. Finally I asked my spirit guides, “Was it stolen?” Yes. Should I buy a better phone since that one really was shitty. “Yes.” Immediately I found an iPhone7 on Craigslist at a good price in my town. I’ll buy it tomorrow. This is MATURITY. I don’t deserve a shitty broken phone, and right now buying myself a needed gift is good for my spirit. With the SIX OF FIRE I renew my trust in myself, that I am doing the right thing for the right reasons.



The Elements Tarot: PRESENCE: 

Delicate Groundedness to all levels of your environment. Clear mindedness. Being in the moment. Connection with the spiritual self. 

REVERSED: Bringing the mind and emotions into the present. Awareness of thoughts and feelings as they surface without repressing or judging them.

Osho Zen Tarot:  Ace of Rainbows –  MATURITY 

The temporary beauty cannot be compared, certainly, with an eternal spring in your being. You look back as far as you can and it has always been there. You look forward as much as you can, and you will be surprised: it is your very being. Wherever you are it will be there, and the flowers will continue to shower on you. This is spiritual spring.

“When you draw this card, know well this moment carries a gift – for hard work well done. Your base is solid now and success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within.”

The Good Tarot: SIX OF FIRE –  

Stepping into the limelight, being an enlightened influencer.

“I generously model my transformation so that others might be inspired. I put my light atop a hill so it can shine forth, helping others to find their way. I remain aware of shadows and people who have trouble basking in the warm light of higher awareness. I bless them but do not dim my own beacon. It’s time to renew my trust that I am contributing to the highest good of all in my own unique way.”



It is really quite easy to

Love yourself as you patiently

Remove the mask you’re attached to.

Saying ‘I am God’ is the first step:

I have removed the mask

That says I am not That;

That says I am less than.

Saying ‘I am God’ is saying:

I have removed a mask 

And now realize that

I am God in form, as are you.

And, there is more to do.

More letting go.

More humility.

More being small

So we can grow to be big enough

To be one with all that is.

We begin with removing the mask we’re now wearing.

And then the next mask.

And then the next.

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