The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 20, 2020


Right after my morning meditation, I started drawing. For the past several years I couldn’t find a suitable rendering of one of my characters, Robert St. Clair, so I decided to draw him myself; to go for it without copying. He turned out younger than 80, but what the heck? This was my PLAY. I then pulled the INTENSITY card, which reminded me that I’ve always demanded myself to be  Authentic. As an artist I could never copy anyone. I allowed up to 1000 faces to shape themselves in clay, always surprised with who shows up. I have never been interested in taking a drawing class. Whatever comes out of me is my art, nobody else’s. I have alway known that Spirit has guided me; that the MAGICIAN  is within me; a divine creator uniquely gifted. Because I drew this before my daily reading, its if most profound to me,



The Elements Tarot:  PLAY: 

Excitement and openness. Spontaneity. Shrugging off disappointments or difficulties by being fluid and open minded. Self enjoyment. 

REVERSED: Motion and change that exists within creation. Timing in events and activities.

Osho Zen Tarot: Knight of Fire – INTENSITY:

Zen says: Think of all the great words and great teachings as your deadly enemy. Avoid them, because you have to find your own source. You have not to be a follower, an imitator. You have to be an original individual; you have to find your innermost core on your own, with no guide, no guiding scriptures. It is a dark night, but with the intense fire of inquiry you are bound to come to the sunrise.  Everybody who has burned with intense inquiry has found the sunrise. Others only believe. Those who believe are not religious, they are simply avoiding the great adventure of religion by believing.

“When you act with the intensity of the Knight of Fire it is likely to create ripples in the waters around you. Some will fell uplifted and refreshed by you presence, others may fell threatened or annoyed. But the opinions of others matter little; nothing can hold you back right now.”

The Good Tarot: 

THE MAGICIAN:  Alchemy. 

“When I am in alignment with Spirit’s will, miracles are possible. When I see this card, I’m reminded that my will and skill alone will yield limited results. When I remember my partnership with Spirit, all is well. I’m required to explore my commitment to this co-creative alchemical relationship and see the results manifest beautifully Through me, Spirit works magic.”


Robert St. Clair

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