Spirit Dreamer – Original mask by Dakan


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 21, 2020


I love doing these readings. This is Shaman Wisdom reading #53, but so far this year I have pulled these cards to connect with my Spirit Guides, for 83 straight days. So, I’m intimate with the perfection of how the cards drop. Yesterday the card PLAY jumped out of the deck. It told me to shrug off disappointments or difficulties by being fluid and open minded. PLAY jumped out of the deck again today. I should have gone with PLAY but I reshuffled and got the card HESITATION. I don’t like that card. I’ve pulled it many times and I don’t need to be reminded that I’m not owning my power. I think I am. So I put it back in the 108 card deck and thoroughly shuffled and pulled a third card. It was HESITATION yet again, this time in reverse; that I’m still holding on to anger. I had no idea what that’s about so I shuffled the Osho Tarot and got the card COMPLETION. That card took me to the place where thinking “I don’t have anger” is an incomplete notion. The truth is “I am that too.” That is the premise of my Zen teachings. The final card, the THREE OF FIRE, reminded me that lower emotions such as anger are out of integrity Ego manifestations. The Truth of My Being is “I am on the right path towards my success. I have abundance of opportunities before me. I need to trust myself, for I can make good choices for myself.”




The Elements Tarot: HESITATION: 

Holding back, uncertainty. Not owning your power. Constriction in the power chakra. 

REVERSED: Anger. Surfacing of repressed emotion.

Osho Zen Tarot: COMPLETION (The World) – 

This is the way of Zen, not o say things to their completion. This has to be understood; it is a very important methodology. Not to say everything means to give an opportunity to the listener to complete it. All answers are incomplete. The master has only given you a direction . . .  By the time your reach the limit, you will know what is going to remain. This way, if somebody is trying to understand Zen intellectually  he will fail. It is not an answer to the question but something more than the answer. It is indicating the very reality . . . The buddha nature is not something far away – your very consciousness is buddha nature. And your consciousness can witness these things which constitute the world. The world will end but the mirror will remain, mirroring nothing.

“Whatever has been absorbing your time and energy is now coming to an end. In completing it, you will be clearing the space for something new to begin. Use this interval to celebrate both – the end of the old and the coming of the new.”

The Good Tarot: THREE OF FIRE – Expansion of opportunities, the fullness of creativity; achievement.

“I am on the right path towards my success. I have abundance of opportunities before me. I need to trust myself, for I can make good choices for myself.”



The Highway Shaman


Most people will hold on to their core issuesuntil the day they die.

Changing our core programming isnt anywhere close to changing a flat tire. Except core issue problems often keep us stuck on the side of the road.

Many studies have shown that a childs personality, and sense of self-esteem, is set for life by age five. Others say by the age of three, while still others go back to before birth. Human Design has established that your life design is set 180 days before you are born, and your personality set at the time of birth. John Bowlby, a psychoanalyst (1907-1990) believed that life-long mental health and behavioral patterns are established in the first two years of life.

We all continue on with our lives, wanting to fix that flat tire, wanting to change, and maybe we do a little bit, but most core behavioral patterns remain the same. A friend of mine had a core feeling of unworthiness. Nevertheless he rose to the top of his industry, winning two Grammy Awards. He looked and acted successful. He had wealth and fame. All the while he felt unworthy, afraid he would be discovered as a fraud, convinced he didnt deserve the awards and the acclaim. His success was so contrary to his core belief that his only solution was to take his own life.

Most motivational speakers, new age pundits, positive thinking and inspirational teachers wont tell us the truth: you, me and everyone we know is screwed up in one way or another and have been since our first five years of life. Maybe even before we were born.

No matter how many books we read or seminars we attend, Id say 99.9% of us are screwed up by default, because we were thrown into a less than perfect human environment. If you think parents, siblings, education, religion, playground, movies, TV, social interaction and media didn’t damage your mind in one way or another, then I suggest you delete or burn this book, and proclaim yourself the new messiah. Go ahead, sit on your throne and watch what happens. Good luck.

And if you are the messiah, its because the culture you were born into recognized you as one at the exact moment of conception, showered your mother with love and song and positivity until the joyous day of your birth, and all that love and song and positivity never stopped . . . and here you are. The messiah nobody will recognize. Well, that didnt happen to you, did it? Most likely not even close.

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