The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 25, 2020


As it is everyday, today’s reading is fascinating. It begins with HAPPINESS; bliss, joy springing from the direct experience of the spiritual self and ends with the Buddha card; TEN OF WATER – serenity, peace, good fortune, well-being. This is what I noted upon waking; how grateful I am, how blessed I am to be alive, and so strong and healthy at my age, living in the perfect house in the perfect location, in total freedom; not SUPRESSION. And yet I drew that card. It reminded me that whereas in physical reality I’m alone but in actual reality, I am never alone; I am One with All. The whole world has been suppressed; in lockdown, and the riots are nothing but the controlled suppressions coming to a point where people cannot handle them anymore. Individual insanity has taken to the streets, proclaiming itself sane and reasonable; and yet in the realms of personal self-realization, their expressions are far from serenity, peace, good fortune and well-being. It is not my place to fight against those who are violently upset; my place is to be a still point and expand my ONENESS through my meditation and prayer, out to the World; so that tiny sliver of Light I express, may enter; so possibly one suppressed person will have a direct experiences with their spiritual Self and finally attain true HAPPINESS. 




The Elements Tarot: HAPPINESS: 

Pleasure, contentment. Experiencing love and freedom. 

REVERSED: Bliss. Joy springing from the direct experience of the spiritual self.

Osho Zen Tarot: 10 of Fire – SUPPRESSION: 

In Sanskrit the name is alaya vigyan, the house where you go on throwing into the basement things that you want to do but you cannot, because of social conditions, culture, civilization. But they go on collecting there, and they affect your actions, your life, very indirectly. Directly, they cannot face you – you have forced them into darkness, but from the dark side they go on influencing your behavior. They are dangerous, it is dangerous to keep all those inhibitions inside you. It is possible that these are the things that come to a climax when a person goes insane. Insanity is nothing but all these suppressions coming to a point where you cannot control them anymore. But madness is acceptable, while meditation is not – and meditation is the only way to make you absolutely sane.

“The real message of the card is to find a healing outlet for this potential explosion. It is essential to find a way to release whatever tensions and stresses might be building up inside you right now. Beat on a pillow, jump up and down, go out into the wilderness and scream at the empty sky – anything to shake up your energy and allow it to circulate freely. Don’t wait for a catastrophe to happen.”

The Good Tarot: TEN OF WATER – Serenity, peace, good fortune, well-being

All is well with the world and with me. Well-being is my natural state. Everything I need comes to me easily and effortlessly. I feel joy and express it to others as I look around and see all the love that we share. I take pleasure in all I have accomplished. Whatever attention I receive or don’t receive, I am serene, for I know full well what it took for me to get where I am. I celebrate myself and all who traveled the road with me and feel grateful to Spirit for being my companion always.”



Why I write these blogs


I write in praise of the human Spirit; about our power to change an ordinary life, to the life we’ve always wanted: a life of happiness, great health, and the energetic motivation to make our dreams come true.

Learning to love myself, for you to love yourself, is a complex journey. Hopefully my  SHAMAN WISDOM revelations will open a conversation, stimulate some new soul searching’s, or kick your ass so you’ll love yourself more.

Self-Healing, dealing with our body, is as complex than Self Loving. I can love the hell out of myself, but if I don’t pay attend to the food I eat, and exercise daily, I’ll be dead much sooner than later. When we love our Self, we naturally want to be holistically healthy, so we can make love, travel, dance, play, and enjoy life to the fullest.

All of what I write in these blogs will emphasize Self Motivation, the will to ignite our Spirit and approach life with a renewed Passion. Each morning I/we begin a new journey; free to choose a joy-filled life, or not. My life changed when I finally took responsibility to do whatever it took to love and heal myself: to be Radiant.

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