Drawing by Dakan

The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for July 17, 2020


My personal goal is to be AUTHENTIC. That isn’t an easy goal because the whole of one’s life is a continued indoctrination to be inauthentic. Sure, I try to reach my HEIGHT – to have all my actions directed by inner guidance, but like all of us, I carry my many programmed BURDENS. Lies. My personality is full of inauthentic behaviors. Instead of just being myself, totally loving who I am, who I’ve become, there’s always the thoughts of wanting more – living with the burden of not being satisfied. I should have my own home, my own car, my own savings account, my own gallery, my own lover. Believing there is a void is the burden, the lie. In truth I am whole and complete. The FIVE OF WATER reminds me that my burdens are lies and it’s time to surrender any resentments to the Divine, knowing all my so-called burdens can be transformed into miracles. 




The Elements Tarot: HEIGHT: 

Attainment. Wisdom. Success. Action directed by inner guidance. 

REVERSED: Fear of failure. Aspiring for success while maintaining a limiting self image. Self doubt.

Osho Zen Tarot: 6 of Clouds – THE BURDEN:

A man’s true life is the way in which he puts off the lie imposed by others on him. Stripped naked, natural, he is what he is. This is a matter of being, not becoming. All aims and ends and ideals and goals and ideologies, religions and systems of improvement and betterment, are lies. Beware of them. Recognize the fact that, as you are, you are a lie. Manipulated, cultivated by others. Striving after truth is a distraction and a postponement. It is the lie’s way to hide. See the lie, look deep into the lie of your personality. Because to see the lie is to cease to lie. No longer to lie is to seek no more for any truth – there is no need. The moment the lie disappears, truth is there in all its beauty and radiance. I the seeing of the lie it disappears, and what is left is the truth.

The Good Tarot – FIVE OF WATER – Releasing grief, allowing sadness to arise and fall, forgiveness, the ebb and flow of emotion.

“I feel the fulness of my emotions as they wash through me. The ebb and flow are part of life, and I am present in my feelings today. I fully forgive myself and others and and let go of any emotions that were holding me back from acknowledging the truth. I deserve the freedom that come from when I release what is no longer working for me. I make amends to those I may have harmed when emotions was coloring my perceptions. I surrender any resentments to the divine, knowing they can be transformed into miracles. Fearless inventories lead to liberation.”

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