The Good Tarot – Osho Zen Tarot – Elements Tarot reading for today


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for July 18, 2020


Today I drew the EXPANSION card. Interesting because I’ve been feeling a bit contracted. I’ve been doubting my ABUNDANCE. A friend reminded me to look under my doubts. Why would I entertain . . . “I am unworthy . . .  because no one loves me?. . . because I’m not lovable? . . .  because I’m alone? . . . because no one tells me who I am? . . . because I have no one to reflect with? . . . . because I’m afraid? . . . because I don’t even know if I exist or have a purpose for being here? . . . because I feel betrayed? . . . because God doesn’t exist?”  And then looking under each lie, here’s an answer – How can I be betrayed by something that does not exist? I MUST BE GOD. What’s under the unworthiness? How can I be unworthy when I’ve been given so much ABUNDANCE?  When I’m rich in my healthy body, rich in information; rich in meditation, rich in consciousness. How can I say nobody loves me when I love my Self? I’m an Earth Angel! A Way Shower! I could go out and meet people, or invite someone to live with me.  I choose to be alone. I have a mirror, in my bathroom, in my mind – to self-reflect with. Am I afraid of death? Almost every night in a lucid dream I go to another world, to another existence. I survive, to be in this one when I awake. Which one is real? If I die in this life will I simply transfer over to that one? At this very moment I feel that my purpose is to embrace this moment – be the creative God that I am – alive in my higher consciousness – bringing more space, happiness or ease into my life. I am simply riding the wave of life. The FOUR OF WATER reminds me to keep dreaming and being in introspection, contemplation, trusting in my continuing abundance. . . that this lull in “thinking I need action” offers me a chance to dream even bigger than before. Yes, my life is filled with expansion and abundance and I have faith in the perfect timing and divine order of All That Is.




The Elements Tarot: EXPANSION: 

Higher consciousness. Any process that brings more space, happiness or ease into your life. Potential for rapid growth and attainment. 

REVERSED: The returning of the fruits of your mind and actions. Also unfulfilled desire. Karma.

Osho Zen Tarot: King of Rainbows – ABUNDANCE:

In the East people have condemned the body, condemned matter, called matter ‘illusory’, Maya – it does not really exist – it only appears to exist- it is made of the same stuff as dreams are made of. They denied the world, and that is the reason for the East remaining poor, sick, in starvation. Half of humanity has been accepting the inner world but denying the outer world. The other half of humanity has been accepting the material world and denying the inner world. Both are half, and no man who is half can be contented.

You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science; rich in meditation, rich in consciousness. Only a whole person is a holy person. I want Zorba and Buddha to meet together. Zorba alone is hollow. His dance has not an eternal significance, it is momentary pleasure. Soon he will be tired of it. Unless you have inexhaustible sources, available to you from the cosmos itself – unless you become existential, you cannot become whole.

“The King of Rainbows sits atop the the book of the wisdom of life. This card represents a time of breaking through the conventional stereotypes and allowing the fullness of the whole human being to shine forth.”

The Good Tarot – FOUR OF WATER  Dreaming and introspection, contemplation, trusting in the abundance of opportunity.

“A lull in the actions offers me a chance to dream even bigger than before. Whenever plans turn out not to have come to fruition as expected, I feel secure knowing that even greater things may await me. The universe conspires on my behalf, and disappointment and sadness will wash through me if I simply let them flow. I trust that Spirit has many ways of responding to my desires, and what I seek can take a variety of forms. I have faith in perfect timing and divine order.”

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