Mask watercolor by Dakan

The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for July 20, 2020


A year ago I was in an accident and suffered a brain injury. It was difficult to be around people, so I self-isolated, well before the pandemic. I had no Idea what was going to happen to my brain and future. I was flung into the UNKNOWN.  This is when I picked up my cards again and renewed my daily relationship with my Spirit Guides. I entered a new journey to the SOURCE. This is the 82nd day in a row of recording my readings. Each morning I have no idea how I’ll be guided – all I know is I’m living a Zen life, going with the flow of the cosmic stream. While connecting with Source, my Guides, not moving anywhere, I can feel the transformation of my energy into light and love, into realization, into compassion, into creativity. I know my Spirit Guides are cheering me on, always here, wherever I am. Like today, they guided my hands to pick the NINE OF WATER – reminding me It’s okay to say no to what isn’t right for me and to experience my wishes fulfilled in this perfect home in a quiet Mexican town, my sweet harvest that came about from seeds I planted in my life journey. I take pride in my hard work and achievement, writing these daily blogs, editing my wondefful novels and the art I create almost every day. I savor the satisfaction of a job well done. I’m glad  to pause in the UNKNOWN and acknowledge all I have co-created, With pleasure. 




The Elements Tarot: THE UNKNOWN: 

Beyond the scope of your awareness. Future occurrences. Hidden or purposely concealed. Faith. 

REVERSED: Subconscious mind. Past lives.

Osho Zen Tarot: Ace of Fire – THE SOURCE

Zen asks you to come out of the head and go to the basic source. It is not that Zen is not aware of the uses of energy in the head, but if all the energy is used in the head, you will never become aware of your eternity. You will never know as an experience what it is to be one with the whole.  When the energy is just at the center, pulsating, when it is not moving anywhere, neither in the head nor in the heart, but it is at the very source from where the heart takes it, the head takes it, pulsating at the very source – that is the meaning of Zazen.

Zazen means just sitting at the very source, not moving anywhere, a tremendous force arises, a transformation of energy into light and love, into greater life, into compassion, into creativity. It can take many forms. But first you have to learn how to be at the source. Then the source will decide where your potential is. You can relax at the source, and it will take you to your very potential.

The Source is always waiting for you, and you don’t even have to step out of your house to find it.

The Good Tarot – NINE OF WATER – Dreams come true, wishes fulfilled, completion, enjoyment, contentment, achievement of desire.

“It is right to say no to what isn’t right for me, and now is my time to experience wishes fulfilled, and sweet harvest that came about from seeds I planted. I drink in the aroma of successful endeavor, take pride in my hard work and achievement, and savor the satisfaction of a job well done. I deserve to pause and acknowledge all I co-created, and I do it joyfully.


From “Zen Wisdom for the 21st Century” by Dakan

Zen is the study of the Unknown

Zen is knowing how important the unknown is 

Zen is knowing this moment is a Zen Moment. 

Zen is remembering to honor this most precious moment.

Zen is practicing how tto be still.

Zen suggests solving the puzzle of nothing is everything.

Zen suggests solving the puzzle of not knowing is knowing.

Zen is being aware of this moment.

Zen suggests that only this moment is real.

Zen is the awareness of all moments. 

Zen is all about the “here and now.”

Zen is self-reflection in this here and now moment.

Noticing your breathing in and breathing out.

Zen is aware that your mind is drifting.

Zen is aware that this moment is all that really matters.

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