Several of my bonsai cactus pots


Highway Shaman Wisdom #111

for September 8, 2020


I had immediate feedback after my letter about my father yesterday. My friend Chan noted that he was most likely on the other side loving me. My response to that is most likely I had a previous life where I was unloving to my children, so I got to be on the other side this time; given the opportunity to be a loving father to my children.  The deciding factor in all this boiled down to my choice whether or not to forgive him. That is what I did yesterday, eleven years after he passed.

I had problems with my settlement. We will be asking them to pay $250,000 by September 30th, after they offered to settle for $20,000. Their statement was that they don’t believe that I even had a concussion, even though after thorough testing it was proven by six doctors that I had at least a concussion, more likely a mild traumatic brain injury. If they don’t settle by the 30th, we will sue them for over a million dollars, which will most likely take up to a year to settle. A court session will pit my six doctors against their “expert” evaluation. Hopefully we will get at least $100,000. But . . . that means I have to exist for the next year on no savings and very little money.

This requires a bit of divine intervention. 

I went to town yesterday and met with Alfredo, a local souvenir shop owner. He helped me order Dremel diamond bits to carve faces into stone. He really liked the photos of my jewelry and slate bonsai cactus planters. He told me of a place I can set up a booth in town for $5 a day. On entering the property where I live, I ran into my new neighbor Dalya, a sixtyish woman who just happened to also be a ceramic artist. We hit it off and it’s obvious we will be good friends. She can get us clay and knows places were we can fire our art. I just was given an art partner and a way to make extra money!! This is what I mean by divine intervention. I asked for the Osho Zen card to verify this.

I drew the card GUIDANCE. It tells me to trust what I have just been given. 


The Reading


3 of Rainbows – GUIDANCE: 

You have to look for guidance because you don’t know your inner guidance is hidden inside you. You have to find the inner guide, and that’s what I call your witness. That’s what I call your dharma, that’s what I call your intrinsic buddha. You have to awaken that buddha and your life will shower with blessings, benediction. Your life will become so radiant with good, with godliness, more than you can possibly conceive.

“The truth of your own deepest being is trying to show you where to go right now, and when this card appears it means you can trust the inner guidance you are being given. It speaks in whispers, and sometimes we can hesitate, not knowing if we have understood rightly. But the indications are clear: in following the inner guide you will feel more whole, more integrated, as if you are moving outwards from the very center of your being. If you go with it, this beam of light will carry you exactly where you need to go.”

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