For the past seven months, while in isolation, I’ve indulged in 3D drama. I’ve watched a couple very long Mexican telenova soup operas, steeped in drama, and have followed Donald Trump, in an attempt to fully understand what he’s up to. This, together with what I hear from the far Left, it’s all high 3D drama. For some reason I needed to play out my indulgence; to get my fill of 3D nonsense, before I could move on.

Back in my twenties, many years ago, I was told, I accepted, that I was a High Priest, Keeper the Crystals, during the last days of Atlantis, 13,000 years ago. I’ve always loved crystals and wished I could afford to buy more. At this moment I have a two inch quartz crystal on my chest.
All my life I’ve known that everything has meaning. I was a brother to a Druid Priestess for many years until she passed on. For untold centuries after Atlantis, these Druid women were the Keepers of  Crystals. We resonated to that frequency.
My official name in this life reflects that I am a High Priest, a Keeper of the Crystals:  David = Beloved, Bailey = Keeper,  Allison – All I Son; son of God; the Light of the World. I am the Beloved Keeper of the Light. 
Many wish to discount Atlantis, that it’s a myth, but it was indeed a real continent, a grand civilization that lasted 100,000 years, that sank to the bottom of the ocean 13,000 years ago .
Before that time, the Earth was the most renown Garden of the Universe. There was nothing like it anywhere; this blue/green ball, illuminated by the sun Ra.
Nebiru is a planet which would rotate into the Sun’s orbit once every 3,600 years. They used this earth and Mars to harvest minerals to sustain their life in orbit. The Annunaki is the advanced civilization of Nebiru. They had discovered the earth long before Atlantis and their advance genealogists interbred in vitro with the earth’s homo sapiens, taking away 10 of their 12 strands of DNA, (their innate power) thus creating a slave race and mentality. The Annunaki’s visit to Atlantis 13,000 years ago led to the end of the world at that time. The philosophy they programmed to the Atlantan people, parallels with where we are today, with Illuminati  Main Stream News brainwashing.
In the final century of Atlantis, the Annunaki installed a dark priesthood, who set it upon themselves to destroy the peaceful loving Atlantian way of life, to take control of that world for personal gain. This dark priesthood is the same as the Satanic Illuminati that we have today, those who control the media and so on; setting themselves up to take over our world with a New World Order, still and finally intending to establish a lasting slave race and mentality.
The Annunaki’s set up the misuse of crystal technology in Atlantis, destabilizing a most loving frequency, as well as defiling sacred beliefs and polluting the land. They destroyed the Ozone layer, which ultimately led to Mother Gaia having no choice but to cleanse the earth; to start over, resulting in the great flood and the sinking of Atlantis deep into the Atlantic Ocean. 
So today we have two scenarios playing out at the same time in our political arena. Biden is aligned with the Dark controllers wanting to finalize what the Annunaki set up in Atlantis; their control of a one Government New World Order. And Trump, who by ignoring, not believing there’s a fragile Ozone layer, insists on polluting the earth with fossil fuels; oil, fracking, coal and methane producing cows. He is (blindly?) leading us to another Atlantis “end of the world” situation. His “brilliant” intelligence is actually ignorance. Worth paying attention to.
Anyway, together the Left and the Right in the US political arena are doing what the Dark Priests did in Atlantis 13,000 years ago. They are destroying our world. They are the two sides of the same coin.
Also, the Annanaki destroyed Mars, which was previously habitable. In their future 3,600 year cycles they guided the Egypyian pharaohs on how to use power. They set a pattern for rulers to control and hoard money, control and manipulate everyone, to act like Gods, which continued through the European dynasties, even up until today. 
Donald Trump is like a Pharaoh who “will build a better world for the people,” because that dialogue works, and Biden is like the Dark Priest who will encourage the manipulation of the people into doing the will of his controllers.
The confusing irony is that the New Green Deal, the end of the use of fossil fuels, which the far Left wants, is much needed to protect our fragile Ozone layer. Somehow the Dark Forces know they can’t go as far as the Annunaki did with Atlantis; hastening the end of the world. At the same time, half the people are charmed by Trumps “for the people” spiel. They are not paying attention, that maybe this earth really does need to embrace renewable energy, which is how the Crystals powered Atlantis, until the Dark Forces set out to silence the priesthood of Crystal Keepers.
I now recognize my historical fear karma; if I talk about how Crystals can be used to power and  heal the world, I will die. But this is no longer true.
I think at this moment in time, Trump is the lesser of two evils, in that he is trying to unite the people with love and cooperation, whereas Biden is obviously corrupt, doing the bidding of the money controlling Lords of Darkness. He won’t last long if elected. If Trump were actually enlightened, he would know that saving the Earth is now way more important than getting the employment numbers up.
Trump is out to save the world from the Dark Forces, or so it seems, and Biden’s Dark Forces are out to save the world from total annihilation. hmm
In conclusion, we are now revisiting and playing out the Atlantis “end of the world” drama. I certainly hope not in my lifetime. And yet there is no death.
Years ago I was ordained an Earth Steward, a Crystal Keeper of the Light, so my job today is simple – as a Priest I will send healing love and light to Everyone on this earth, praying for a solution that will not only empower ALL the people but save Mother Gaia Earth.
ah so



btw – Jon Rappaport is right that Covid was a plot by the Dark Forces to kill off a lot of people. It just wasn’t as deadly as they hoped it would be. Trump was complicit with this hoax, in that, because of his savior complex, he sacrificed valid medical research in favor of his egotistic need to put on a show where he would win. He could have stopped it dead in its tracts.Scientific fact would have concluded that Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Fauci were wrong that it would kill 2 million in the USA. Science would have convinced the world that Covid was nothing but a highly contagious common flu; to let it come, no shutdowns, and it would soon pass. It was never a pandemic. But Trump fed into the drama by surrendering to the madness.

A very important statistic: Since the pandemic began in February, death rates of the non-covid flu and pneumonia have gone way down. Every years – the past five years – an average of 2.8 million people die in the USA from one thing or another. Projecting the monthly average of deaths to November and December 2020, 2.8 million people will die in 2020. If Covid19 were left alone, no shutdowns and masks, 2.8 million still would have died, which is shown in the chart above – a 99.9% to 99.7% survival rate under 60. Over 60 people die of all sorts of aging complications.


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