David Dakan Allison as a Lightworker in 1969


Who Am I?



You know, there is a part of me that thinks I’m just some old man living isolated outside of a small town in Mexico, like a feather in the wind somewhere, just being here, apparently doing just about nothing. So, what good am I?

And then I realize that I have been called on to evolve from those limiting thoughts, from my doubts and fears, from confusion regarding the ethereal, metaphysical, other-worldly “arguable ideas and concepts,” from the mental gymnastics about whether entertaining a questionable phenomena of multi-dimensions is worthwhile, challenged by smart people who’ll contend that maybe it really is all a bunch of bullshit . . .

. . . and anchor myself into the reality of “I am what I say I am!” That THIS IS MY TRUTH, so fuck you (including my monkey mind) if you can’t accept MY REALITY with the respect it truly deserves.

I am the Highway Shaman, a High Priest Crystal Keeper, a soul Immortal Lightworker and Way Shower, having served the evolution of humanity for eons of time, in the Pileaides, to Atlantis, to countless lives on Gaia Earth since the great flood 13,000 years ago. And screw anyone who tells me I’m not that.

I am equally as valuable in this life, in this here and now moment, as I have ever been in all my countless lifetimes! So be it.

There are so many great passages in the “Atlantis Rising” book, and this one hits the nail on the head. 

“You can see why we are forever reminding you how every thought affects the entirety, and why it is so absolutely important that each of you learn to stay centered, calm, and peaceful in the wake of the changes taking place around you. Your centeredness, you understand, resonates as a certain frequency that moves upon the cosmic sea as waves, and those very waves can be “surfed” by those around you. Connecting with each other in this way, you sense the energies of the other there, out on the oceans of cosmic mind. You spread the light of love out onto other dimensions and other planes, there where the Light Ones of many worlds experience the radiance of your heart song. You create a peaceful, harmonious reality, where all is in balance and that vibration extends endlessly outward to the heavens and inward, down to the very subatomic particles which form the basic structure of your being.”

This resonates to me as truth. So yes okay I am a most powerful butterfly spreading love from my little home in Mexico. Calm, in peace, on purpose. Hurray!!!


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