My Father Bill Allison, an ex Army Officer, Republican, patriotic American re: 2002


My Opinion of USA politics following the election November 2020


My goodness – the energy of all this political turmoil has exhausted me. I want to keep sleeping, hoping to wake up and its all gone away. I empathically feel a depression cloud hovering over the US. Like there is a mass deception (Lie) blanketing the earth but nobody is allowed to accept the truth. I believe the message from the Sirian Adronis (click on link below) is true; that there is nothing we can do about all this but sit back and observe. This has to play out, with a much different outcome than 99% of the people would have imagined. I pray that the Light of Love shines down on this earth for a bloodless transition into the Golden Age.

It’s most important to have an open-minded over-view to what’s going on with the political Right and Left. The Left thinks Trump is a Nazi who is creating a fascist state which will control the lives of all the American people, and the Right think Biden is a puppet of a New World Order that will also control the lives of all the American people. Each side’s leader’s loyal people, their obedient and self-righteous minions, is who will ultimately lead us to war.
The Left, in support of Socialism, has shown us what they have in store with BLM and Antifa. The Right is silently engaging hundreds of Militia and All-American good ‘ol boys with weapons, all ready to defend the American dream. There is a reported divided Military, who could take up arms for either side. Both sides intuitively know there is an agenda to enslaves the people, thinking that the other party, Trump’s or Biden’s, is the culprit. They’re both correct, not about one candidate or the other, but about the political elitist historical need to control and subjugate the masses.
It’s a scary reality that both sides are prepared to fight to keep their version of controlled enslavement from happening. We are witnessing the lead-up to a Civil War, which will begin whenever the final decision on who will be president is official. If it happens, ten’s of thousands may die.
In present time, the Trump followers are correct in wanting a fair election. The Trump haters, like my neighbor, think Trump people are delusional about voter fraud, when they say the winner of the election hasn’t been officially decided. The fact remains that the Electoral College meets in December, to officially declare the winner.  All the anti-Trump Democrats discount logical reality. As do all people on both sides, when motivated by their agenda, thinking that fighting a civil war will solve anything.  
As an Authentic person, I want to see an authentic sane resolution/outcome, regarding whatever is presented before us. When educated only by biased Main Stream Media, programmed people aren’t capable of making rational decisions regarding what’s best for the good of all. To me the choice is obvious – neither Trump or Biden, neither agenda, is better for the good of all. 
My truth is that Donald Trump is a messiah-complexed Narcissist who believes his view of God and Country is the only possible solution for the good of all. His “all” apparently doesn’t include the Earth. His agenda defiles/destroys Gaia Mother Earth with continued drilling for fossil fuels, fracking, chemtrails, nuclear testing, 5G and HAARP, poisoning our food and water with toxic GMO’s. glyphosate, and other petrochemicals, contending it’s all okay. Good for business. At the same time, Joe Biden is a senile old man who is merely a puppet of the Dark Cabals who have an ultimate goal of a New World Order of 13,000 chosen elite people, living in luxury, served by 500,000,000 brainwashed humans; which means that 7 billion people must die, through one form of genocide or another. I had to contend that Trump was the better of the two evil choices.
I think that very soon the garbage from both sides will begin to fly in the media and it will become a juvenile polarization fight. Trump’s side will attempt to prove the corruption of Biden, and the Biden people will air Trump’s dirty laundry. It will be a shit show, emotionally engaging the 10’s of millions of sheep on each side who have already chosen their Savior, no matter what.
Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin, both corrupted. They’re engaged in the age old Machiavellian game of divide and conquer where the people on both sides will lose, while the elitist, the so-called chosen ones, will remain rich and powerful.  
No matter what position they hold, the Trump and Biden camps are sucking the people of the world into (truly unnecessary) high drama. We’re being confronted with the low level, low integrity, 3D decision of who will lead (control) us as our Savior. Truth is neither Trump or Biden can even remotely assume that role for all the people. Only an enlightened wise unbiased person, or a committee of neutral leaders, possibly the Supreme Court, with the very best interest in humanity in mind, can lead us forward in this time of transition into the New Aquarian Age. I hope Adronis is right and it will come to that.

Adronis: 2021 – The Year of Transition & The Point of No Return


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