Spirit Guide Reading for Today


I was recently entertained by a fifty episode Mexican Telenova soap opera. It was full of low integrity 3D angst and high drama. Jealousy. Blame. Deception. Lies. Then when I watch the news of the US Presidential (the word that comes to mind is nonsense) election, it’s apparent to me that it’s the same but different low integrity 3D blame, deception, lies and high drama. Nothing less than a convoluted political soap opera; one which could quite literally turn into a bloody Civil War. For all the reasons I strive to remain in High Integrity, all that 3D drama isn’t mine. I’m a Light Worker. A guide to the 5th Dimension of Reality; to love and light. I am a reincarnated Atlantian High Priest, Keeper of the Crystals. A Way Shower to the rewards of living in Higher Consciousness. 

I have been doing these Element Tarot readings for 35 years. Because the intention is to connect a person directly to their Spirit Guides, almost every one of the thousands of readings have been right on, addressing whatever is going on in the persons life at that time. He is an example of a reading, the one I gave myself this morning. Keep in mind that the cards are shuffled and picked at random. I simply asked my Spirit Guides what I need to know about myself at this time, and they in no time and space, put the cards in the correct order. Keep in mind there are cards like Chaos, Disruption, Unknown, Decrease and so on. Here you will see that the cards are all aligned in addressing my life. There is really no need for interpretation. 


THE TEACHER: Giving of yourself in a way that guides and instructs others. Transmitting information or energy that is helpful to or needed by others. Willingness to surrender in heart and mind to anothers’ teachings. Gaining experiences and resources necessary to teach others through words or actions. 

Situation:  (the issue I’m addressing in this reading)

POTENTIAL: Unmanifest, but inherent. Dormancy. Unexplored potential.

Past influences to Potential: 

SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS: Inner planes. Experience of other dimensions. Channeling. Communication with higher forces. Psychic powers. 

Current influences to Potential: 

EXPANSION: Higher consciousness. Any process that brings more space, happiness or ease into your life. Potential for rapid growth and attainment. The returning of the fruits of your mind and actions. Also unfulfilled desire. Karma. 

Direction Heading: 

RAM: Spiritual warrior. Empowerment of the human self through the divine. Being undistracted by illusion, Living the truth.


INTEGRATION: Consolidating experiences and revelations within the conscious mind. Bringing together and synthesizing all elements at work in your life. Contentment with what you have and who you are. Satisfaction, thankfulness.


GUARDIAN: Guidance and support from other people and spiritual beings. Guardian angel.

Probable Outcome:

CHRIST: Selfless service from a context of truth and dispassion. Forgiveness. Presence of Christ. Humility. 

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