I believe it’s important that I write about what’s going on in the political arena in the US. Rest assured that all of this is only a microcosm of a macrocosmic drama playing out on a Universal stage.

My life, my conscious thinking, my truth of being, is engaged on that stage; is quickly moving away from the confusion and turmoil inherent in the collective 3D consciousness on this planet. During this time of Transition into the Golden Age, entrance into the Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2020, my energy is moving 5th dimensionally, toward Universal Love, toward the highest levels of the Integrity Tone Scale; which are: serenity of being, compassion, cheerfulness, empathy, wonder, ecstasy, enthusiasm, gratitude and so on. Of course Unconditional Love.

When I observe American politics today, I see a whole lot of Low Integrity, which is frustration, confusion, antagonism, hostility, pain, anger, hate, resentment, victimhood, hopelessness, blame, grief, fear and so on. 

I have to ask myself, which of these two polarities do I want to identify with? You’re free to ask the same question.

On the highest level of Integrity we are being asked to be committed (to Universal unconditional Love); to expand our responsibility (as loving Spiritual beings), to increase our level of High Integrity, and to empower ourselves and others. We are being asked to be devoted to living in the highest level of Integrity possible, to make everything an opportunity to Enhance, to evolve into glory, personally be on purpose, to always tell the truth, and to clean up any damage we’ve caused.

On the lower level of Integrity, in order to move up the scale toward happiness, freedom and good faith, we are being asked to Tell the Truth; to decide to stop pretending, to develop trust, to expand our view of reality/illusion and imagine a positive (for all) result in all our actions. We are also asked the take responsibility for our engagement in the fight, to stop having to be Right, and to help produce a result which is for the highest good of all.

When I say “tell the truth,” I refer to self-identification. The answer to “Who Am I?” For me that answer is “I am a highly evolved Spiritual Being in a human body, having a human experience, which I can control.” That highly evolved bright child at birth was educated, taught, programmed to be “less than” Magnificent as an adult. The Bright Light of our Being was taken away, and now most of us are looking for a Savior to lead us back to the Light, instead of taking the long journey back to Self-Realization and personal Enlightenment. It’s our challenge in life to reach the highest level of personal Integrity, instead of blindly following the herd, following the leader. The challenge is to be guided by our Heart and Inner Knowing.

In the political drama playing out today, neither Donald Trump or Joe Biden should be, in reality could never be, anyone’s personal Savior. Both are highly flawed humans with Narcissistic personalities, who are stirring up egotistical drama in the arena of Low Integrity. Both are saying I’m better, you’re worse, I’m good, you’re bad, I’m right, you’re wrong, I will save and protect your world, and he won’t. It’s definitely not “Let’s work together and come up with a plan that is best for ALL the people of the United States.” That sort of solution isn’t even considered in a Low Integrity playing field.

The Low Integrity we are witnessing in this political climate, with 70 million people choosing one Savior vs 70 million people choosing the other Savior, will result in a bloody Civil War. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna is the charioteer leading Arjuna into a battle with his cousins, asking how can I, in clear conscious, kill them. The answer is that we’re righteous and good and they’re not. (so it’s okay) Today we’re seeing that both sides think they’re the righteous and good ones. Its splitting apart families and friendships like never before. The defense of one so-called Savior over the other has resulted in mass low integrity insanity, even from the most intellectual minds.

In my personal evaluation Joe Biden is a corrupt and senile old man who has no business leading our country. A more enlightened Democratic Party would have chosen a younger and brighter leader, one who could make peace with the Republican Party. Possibly Tulsi Gabbard. Donald Trump isn’t really a President, but more of the CEO of USA, Inc. He has a confrontational personality which causes division, not unilateral unification.  The Republican Party also could have chosen a younger and brighter leader, one who could make peace with the Democratic Party. Possibly Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota. 

And this whole story is much deeper and richer . . . more shocking . . . then you could ever imagine. As a historian and scholar, a spiritual adept who speaks directly with Spirit Guides, a shaman and Earth Steward, a Keeper of the Crystals, I would like to speak of the most significant part of our human history, which has been covered up and erroneously labeled as myth. My study goes way back to Atlantis and the negative influences of the Anunnaki, which is playing out today in our political arena.

I will write about this another time.

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